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Well I'm only 17

and I have a lot to say.

10 June
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Anne Bancroft is love

Here and Now

Name: MaryJo

Age: 17

Likes: acting, Judge Judy, drama, the stage, Glenn Close, singing, Anne Bancroft, dancing, severus snape, Alan Rickman, Kate Duchene, Emma Thompson, english, Meryl Streep, green, reading, Hugh Grant, Joaquin Phoenix, harry potter, Marilyn Monroe and theatre.

Dislikes: racism, gay bashing, president bush, limitations, people who make assumptions about me, cowards, and small mindedness.

Favorite Movies: The Lion In Winter, Angels in America, The Wizard of Oz, Fatal Attraction, Agnes of God, Harry Potter series, Love Actually, Sense and Sensability, The Miracle Worker, and The Graduate.

Deny me what you will but I'll never change. You can accept it or you can leave. I hate limitations and I hate small mindedness. Life is far to short for either of them and I don't plan to waste a minute tolerating any of it. To walk within the lines would make my life so boring. I want to know that I have been to the extreme. So knock me off my feet. Show me pain, madness, love, excitement, adventure! Anything to make me feel alive. I was put on this earth for something. I was born to rise.


Joaquin Phoenix is Love

Judge Judy is Tough Love

Emma is Adorable Love

Snape is Love

Kate is Love

Meryl Streep is Love

The Hours is Love

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-Emma Thompson
-Professor Trelawney's prophecy
in azkaban_claims

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They rock, do you?
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